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Security and Backups

Bulletproof Your Site with Our Solid Security

Advanced security and protection that keeps hackers at bay, giving you peace of mind.

Included with maintain & manage plan.

30,000 website are hacked everyday.


of businesses nearly faced bankruptcy after a cyberattack in 2022


of WordPress sites have a vulnerable codes right now


Nearly half of all targetted cyberattack prey to small to medium sized businesses.


The average cost of data breach for businesses with fewer than 500 employees was RM14.2 Million in year 2021


Vulnerabilities disclosed in WordPress related themes, plugins and the core WordPress platform in 2022

Customer trust, business stability, and brand reputation are lost when your site is breached

Let's make sure your website isn't one of them.

How we help #1

Enhanced Login Security

Why it’s important: 
WordPress login pages are prime targets for brute force attacks, where hackers try endless username and password combinations. Weak passwords put websites at even greater risk.


Password Policies

Enforces strong passwords for all users, requiring complex combinations of characters and symbols.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Adds a critical layer of security by requiring users to provide a time-based code (from an authenticator app or email) on top of their password. This makes it significantly harder for attackers to gain access, even if they have a valid password.

How we help #2

Brute Force Protection & Threat Detection

Why it’s important: 
Hackers relentlessly bombard websites with attempts to crack logins or find vulnerabilities.

Brute Force Protection

Detects and blocks suspicious login attempts automatically. This includes limiting login tries, implementing lockouts, and recognizing malicious IP addresses.

Vulnerability Scans

In partnership with Patchstack, we can scan your client's site, identify known security issues in plugins and themes, and (in some cases) even apply fixes automatically. Proactive vulnerability management is key to staying ahead of attackers.

How we help #3

Comprehensive Protection

Protect your website with a backup that will serve you reliably and consistently.

Peace of mind for your business

We understand losing website data is unacceptable. Our backup solution acts as your safety net, allowing swift recovery if the unexpected happens.

Minimize downtime:

A recent backup means less downtime if problems arise. This safeguards your reputation and keeps your client's online presence strong.

How we help #4

Streamlined & Efficient Management

Your website is automatically backed up every day, giving us up-to-date recovery points.

Save time & focus

We use a dedicated tool to handle backups. This frees up our time to concentrate on other strategic tasks that grow your business.

Central control

Our dashboard gives us a bird's-eye view of all your website backups. This makes monitoring and adjustments a breeze.

Don't leave your website vulnerable.

Contact us today to schedule a security assessment and explore our flexible payment options that fit your budget.